The New York State apple industry has a long history of apple farming and cider and juice making. Fresh-pressed New York State apple ciders and juices are available all year long.

How fresh-pressed cider is made:

  • Each cider maker uses a custom blend of apple varieties for a unique recipe.
  • Apples are washed, then ground into the consistency of chunky applesauce – this is called pomace.
  • Cloth press bags are filled with pomace and loaded into press racks.
  • The racks are pressed together, typically by a motor, and the cider that runs out is collected in a tank or other container.
  • Cider is not filtered, or is minimally filtered.
  • After pressing, cider is treated to ensure it is food safe.
  • Then it is bottled.

Buy local

Fresh-pressed cider is always made with fresh, local apples. So when you buy apples from a New York State cider producer, you are supporting your local apple grower.

Find places to enjoy cider near you. Use our handy locator map to find fresh cider makers in New York. The producers listed on our map use New York State apples!

Keep it cold

Fresh-pressed cider is perishable, so it should be kept cold for best quality. Enjoy it by the date on the container. Can’t drink it all? Cider can be frozen; pour off an inch or two from the container to allow for expansion during freezing.

Why is cider brown?

Fresh-pressed cider’s gorgeous caramel brown color comes from all those tiny bits of apple skin and flesh floating in the juice. The bits turn brown just like apples do when cut or bitten.