A brief history on an ancient beverage

Early European settlers brought apple seeds to the New World to start the first apple orchards here. In early America, fresh-pressed and hard cider – as we know them today – were produced on many farms. Cider was even bartered and traded. When stored in oak barrels and put away to ferment, cider became a year-round drink.

George Washington’s Revolutionary War supplies included cider. John Adams made cider, and drank it regularly. The wealth of a town was sometimes measured by the number of cider barrels put down for the winter.  In 1767, Massachusetts residents consumed 1.14 barrels of cider per capita.

New York State has a long history of apple farming and cider production. Today, thanks to modern technology, great cider is available in food stores and farm markets year-round. And you can be sure that the cider produced in our state is made with “Fresh From the Farm Pride”.