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Hard Cider

Hard cider was a staple of the early American diet, served at the colonial table morning, noon and night. Along with other alcoholic beverages, hard cider lost public favor with the rise of the Temperance movement.

Fortunately for adventurous consumers, hard cider is now enjoying a renaissance, as hard cideries appear across New York State and the country. Whether you are raising a beer mug, a wine goblet, champagne flute or a bona fide hard cider glass, you’ll find a style of hard cider to suit your tastes right here in New York State.

Find a hard cider producer near you

Use our handy locator map to find a hard cider maker in your area. The producers listed on our map use New York state apples or apple cider to make their hard ciders.

New York State is friendly to hard cider producers

New York state's elected officials recognize that growing the hard cider industry is also good for the state's growers, tourists, employment and government coffers.

This decade alone, state Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed new laws to promote craft beverage making and New York state agriculture. The 2013 farm cideries law, which licenses cideries that are exclusively using state crops, has already resulted in substantial industry growth. A 2011 farm wineries law also aided hard cider producers.


Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress is currently considering federal legislation that would allow hard apple cider to better compete in its marketplace. Hard ciders that are more than 7 percent alcohol are currently taxed similarly to champagne. Whereas the beverages that hard cider are most likely to compete with -- beer and wine -- are taxed at a much lower rate.